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Beschreibung: German classes in Vienna
Private German lessons provided by experienced teacher for young and adults in Vienna 2nd district. Professional guidance for all, who want to improve their spoken and written language skills.
I am a qualified and experienced Hungarian and German teacher, as well as a professional translator for Hungarian and German. I have taught in the private sectors and in all kinds of language schools, mainly adults, but I also have experience of and love for teaching children.
German Conversation practice: Would you like to improve your German? Are you new in Vienna and want to chat about the Austrian way of life?
In addition to Grammar classes I also offer conversation practice classes to people of any age, where you can improve your German through real life communications, expand your vocabulary by testing new words, and perfect your pronunciation so you sound like a native speaker. We'll focus on general conversation topics, such as basic conversation starters, family, work, hobbies / interests, travels, food & drink etc., and also can discuss your questions about living in Vienna, the tasks after relocating, or any other topic you want to. Private conversation training is highly interactive with about 50% of learner participation, since you are the only one learner, so you will communicate a lot based on listening and speaking. If you aiming at perfecting your pronounciation as well as communication skills, you can book private units or take additional lessons beside your regular German course with focus on grammar.
Usually I work from home, where I have a vast library of teaching resources such as textbooks, worksheets, dictionaries, teaching materials, flashcards etc., but I also run some in-company courses for Hungarian and German in Vienna and surroundings. Classes take place in my home-office in the city center, just beside of the famous Karmelitermarkt in the 2nd district of Vienna; easy to reach with U2, tram 2, and the bus lines 5A and 5B. Home tutoring at your place or in-company training is also possible by agreement.
I offer German tutoring and conversation training to B2 level, since I live and teach in Vienna for 15 years and made my Bachelor degree in transcultural communication, as well as a Master degree in translation at the University of Vienna. In addition I have a teaching qualification for German as a Foreign Language from the University of Kassel in Germany, and a didactic training on the renowned Berlitz-method for native speaker language teachers.
If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact me:
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Standort: 1020, Taborstraße 25
Telefon: +43 19449910
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German classes in Vienna